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Installations of the trail - Electric Glen

Installations of the trail

Along the trail you'll pass through 3 specific zones each with it's own take on the history and setting of the glen.

Geology Zone

  • Lighting Design by Simon Hayes
  • Sound Design by Dan Fox

This installation takes a playful look at the origins of the local geology as well as the natural history of more recent times. The various types of rock found here form part of  story that started 325 million years ago close to the Equator, in an area we would now recognise as Borneo.

The rocks originally formed a huge coastal plain, which over the millions of years as the Earth's tectonic plates shifted and moved became jungle deltas, tropical seas, swamps and then deep ocean beds. More recently, 15 to 20 thousand years ago, a 1km thick ice sheet covered Scotland. The pressure and movement of this formed the fault lines and shapes you see today on the banks of the Auldhouse Burn.

The Rouken Glen gorge is one of the best places to see this exposed rock and a section through this diverse geological history.


  • By NOVAK and Hazel Dunn
  • Soundtrack by Ed Carter
  • Projection and media management by Steve Jackson for Capo Ltd

Printworks reflects on the creative and commercial history of Rouken Glen. Once the private estate of the Crum family - the owners of the Thornliebank Printworks.

Rouken Glen is also home to the Auldhouse Burn which powered the works and provided water for the dyeing and printing processes. Their family firm was famed for the vibrancy and durability of its dyes and the quality of its print. The Thornliebank Company sold Calico all over the world for the greater part of the 19th century. 

Winding forward 200 years, leading digital animation artists NOVAK come home to Scotland for a unique collaboration with Hazel Dunn, a recent graduate of the Glasgow School of Art with a striking and innovative approach to design. 

Printworks is a 21st century digital artwork blending Hazel's creative talents and Thornliebank designs from the 1814 patternbook in a unique and beautiful setting.


  • By Dan Fox
  • Design and construction by Sound Intervention
  • Lighting design by Phil Supple
  • LED manufacturing by Junction Inc ltd

Created for Electric Glen by renowned outdoor sound artist and composer Dan Fox, Shimmer explores our perception of movement. Sound and light travels along this piece through suspended lanterns - 150 metres from end-to-end. 

Each lantern is made from a percussion cymbal of a different size acting as a loudspeaker, with vibrations generated by electro-acoustic transducers transmitted through the hanging structure. Sound and lighting are synchronised creating dynamic waves of colour and sound energy.

Multi-channel digital sources deliver audio to each lantern, specifically tuned to the size of the cymbals, enhancing their natural resonance. The piece includes rhythmic elements that refer to the mechanical presses and rollers of the Thornliebank Printworks.