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Cancellation - Electric Glen


Conditions under which the event could be cancelled.

Inevitably bad weather can affect any open-air event. No refunds will be offered if the weather is inclement but the event is safe to go ahead.

What happens if Electric Glen is cancelled?

Electric Glen would only be cancelled if:

  • Weather that would make the route itself unsafe, such as high winds exceeding 30mph
  • Very heavy snow is forecast which makes local transport to the event unsafe
  • There was a major fault in our electrical equipment.

A decision to cancel the event would be taken at 2pm on the day of the event. Shortly after that we would contact you by email or text, a notice would be posted on the home page of our website and updates would be issued through the Electric Glen's social media channels. We will also inform the media.

If you are concerned about the prevailing weather conditions on the evening of your visit, please check the website to confirm that the event is going ahead or visit our accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Electric Glen is an outdoor event and will not be cancelled due to heavy rain or extreme cold. Visitors are advised to dress accordingly for the weather conditions.

In the event of a cancellation, we would attempt to re-run the event on another night and tickets would be eligible for that evening. However if you would prefer a refund, payment will be made to you within 14 days. A charge of £1 plus VAT will be made on any refunded tickets.