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Safety at Electric Glen - Electric Glen

Safety at Electric Glen

You are free to explore the sights and sounds of Electric Glen at your own pace but for your enjoyment and safety, certain guidelines should be observed.

Electric Glen is an outdoor event held during winter with unpredictable weather so please take some time to read the following advice:

  • Please keep to the pathways at all times and for your own safety, do not enter the adjacent woodland or riverbank
  • Some of the pathways can be uneven and there are a number of short staircases on the route. Please proceed with care at all times
  • Do not touch any of the electrical or lighting equipment at any time
  • Smoking is allowed at the event but please pay attention to the needs of others and extinguish your cigarette in designated bins
  • If you are bringing your dog it must remain on a short lead at all times. Please be aware that there are electrical components and hot lights at ground level which dogs could find interesting. Please pay particular attention to what your dog is investigating
  • Any children under 15 should be accompanied by an adult. Particular attention must be taken with children under 5, ensuring they are always close to a responsible adult
  • Please be aware that parts of the route involve stairways down into the glen and a long staircase adjacent to the waterfall. These are not suitable for buggies
  • As the paths can be uneven and muddy please wear sturdy shoes or boots
  • One member of your group should have a torch which can be used in the event of a power down
  • If a power down occurs please follow the advice of the stewards who will direct you to an appropriate area of safety and advise you when you can continue your walk
  • There are no covered areas during the walk and it is your own responsibility to wear appropriate warm and waterproof outdoor clothing and footwear.