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The trail - Electric Glen

The trail

We are excited to announce our new route with a bigger and better lighting experience around the boating pond. We will also give visitors the opportunity to enjoy some quality outdoor food at our woodland food court.

For detail of the pieces you'll experience along the route, please visit:

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Wheels only route

The wheels only route around the pond is 700 metres and will give limited access to the event with views of the waterfall. This route starts at the Boathouse Café where there is a gentle slope from the park entrance on Davieland Road to the boating pond. Once level with the boating pond there is a tarmac path running the full circumference of the pond which will give stunning views of the three illuminated islands. On reaching the cut off for the main trail wheels only ticket holders can follow the path to the top of the waterfall giving views down the Auldhouse Burn. On returning to the pond you will follow the path around the south side of the pond to the Boathouse café and exit on to Davieland Road.

The main trail

Visitors will enjoy the views of the boating pond and follow the trail along the upper glen path (rough surface) for around 250 metres until reaching the bespoke woodland food court. On leaving this area visitors will encounter seven flights of between two and nine steps before entering the glen. The route then follows the burn upstream before climbing a long flight of 80 steps to access the footbridge above the glen, where there will be a small catering outlet and toilets. Fantastic views of the waterfall will follow before continuing to the pond and the Boathouse café and exiting on to Davieland Road.